"Salty Taste"


Odissey of a sardine
Two fishmongers are showing off their wonderful fish to their customers, when, surprisingly and unexpectedly, a small sardine slips out of their hands. From the ice in the fish box, it finds itself in the middle of the sea and rediscovers the taste of salt.
The sardine sets out on an epic, extraordinary, brave and unpredictable journey. During this adventure, it will meet all kinds of fish, all of them intending to turn it into their lunch. And if at first the two fishmongers will try to follow it to catch and sell it, little by little they will become its guardians: they will protect it from the attacks of the hungry fish, trying not to be noticed... because in the depths of the sea, the little curious sardine has to grow up and discover the adventure of life.

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from 06/07/2018 to 06/07/2018 hour 20.00
Salty Taste
Odissey of a sardine
directed by: Bruno Cappagli
by: Bruno Cappagli and Fabio Galanti
with: Bruno Cappagli and Fabio Galanti
lights: Andrea Aristidi
costumes: Tanja Eick
scenes: Fabio Galanti

suggested ages: 4 to 8 years
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