Teatro Nucleo in Petersburg at the 4th International Cultural Forum on the 70th anniversary of UNESCO foundation


Horacio Czertok, teacher, founder and director of Teatro Nucleo will attend the fourth International Forum of Culture organized by UNESCO to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Foundation, from December 14 to 16.
This is one of the most important events dedicated to art. The theater section, one of the twelve sections that will be examined in the Forum, aims to reconsider the theatrical heritage of the world and deepen the integration of cultures on the scene, the role of the international theater repertory in modern practices of social “community” theater.
The invitation sent to Horacio Czertok by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, noted that: "The Forum will host representatives of the federal authorities, heads of diplomatic missions, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassadors, cultural professionals and science, experts and specialists in the field of cultural international cooperation".
Horacio Czertok will expose a lecture and a master class on social care theater.
from 14/12/2015 to 16/12/2015
Teatro Nucleo is recognized in the Russian theatrical milieu for the rigor and quality of research and experimental theater, particularly in the field of acting training and theater in open spaces, as well as for theater applications in the field of mental health, prisons and many aspects of society.
About the integration of cultures on the scene, the most powerful European experience of the last century was undoubtedly "Mir Caravane" of which Teatro Nucleo was part, and Horacio Czertok tells indeed in a few pages of his book Theatre in Exile, in the chapter" The theater in open spaces". That experience has become part of the story not only of theater. A real inter-European tour made in 1989, during which they shared methods and outcomes among artists in Europe. The Tour has reached such a numbers of viewers and achieved such a quantity of replicas to be still utopian today. Nine theater companies of the east and west Europe - Russia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, France, Britain, Spain and Italy - gave birth for six months to a community traveling from Moscow to Paris. The experiment was then repeated in 2010 with the support of the European Commission thanks to a project promoted by Russia itself.
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