Twenty-two years since its debut and thirteen years since its second production, Teatro Gioco Vita reproposes The Firebird, one of its most important and popular productions.
The Firebird is a shadow and dance pièce entirely based on the “choreographic story” which Igor Stravinsky composed in 1909 for the Russian Ballet. The definition “choreographic story” is not improper as The Firebird is a tale told through music.
But Stravinsky created this music which is never dominated by the story but enjoys complete expressive freedom. It’s strength lies precisely in that balance between what is functional and what is autonomous, between figurative and abstract.
In The Firebird, Teatro Gioco Vita proves the great spectacular potential of shadow theatre. It chooses dance as an interlocutor, a language which gives a body to the incorporeal nature of shadows and, by its nature, is able to act as a scenic medium between shadows and music.

from 14/10/2018 to 14/10/2018 hour 20.00
A tale for music, shadows and dance based on "L’oiseau de feu" by Igor Stravinsky and the drawings by Enrico Baj
with Valeria Barreca, Gloria Dorliguzzo, Tiziano Ferrari
direction and set design Fabrizio Montecchi
shadow puppets Nicoletta Garioni
choreography Gloria Dorliguzzo
lights Davide Rigodanza
costumes Giulia Bonaldi, Anusc Castiglioni, Corinne Lejeune
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