carried off by the foam and the waves
Moun’s parents believe that their country, run amok by war, has no future to offer. In a desperate act they abandon their only daughter to the sea in the hope that, away from the war, she will find safety.
Moun crosses the ocean in a bamboo box and arrives “beyond” the sea where another couple find her, rescue and adopt her. And so Moun, surrounded by brothers and sisters, grows up as part of a loving family. But the day comes when she finds out about her origins. Moun has to come to terms with her past.

Moun is a story that despite its strong themes of abandonment, adoption, homesickness and self-discovery, transmits a great sense of serenity. Its very strength lies in the contrast between the gravity of these given themes and the lightness with which they are expressed. Poetic shadow images coloured with pastel tones and the calm, relaxed pace of this pièce create a peaceful atmosphere to all the action.

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from 09/01/2019 to 12/01/2019
carried off by the foam and the waves
based on Moun by Rascal
with Deniz Azhar Azari
direction and set design: Fabrizio Montecchi
shadow puppets: Nicoletta Garioni (based on illustrations by Sophie)
music: Paolo Codognola
choreography: Valerio Longo
costumes: Tania Fedeli
lights: Anna Adorno
in collaboration with Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione
Teatro Gioco Vita
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