ACT N. 1 / Appstage triple bill


A selected group of international students developed a triple bill evening program in a four months course by the Appstage program at the Almadanza dance school in Bologna. It is now presented at Radialsystem's Studio A. Under the direction of the Italian choreographer Elisa Pagani of DNA Company, the Isreali-Italian choreographer duo Michal Mualem & Giannalberto de Filippis and Luc Dunberry, Canadian dancer choreographer and long time member of Sasha Waltz & Guests, three short performances were created.
from 19/01/2019 to 20/01/2019 hour 19.00
ACT N. 1 / Appstage
Choreography: Elisa Pagani, Michal Mualem & Giannalberto de Filippis, Luc Dunberry
Dancers: Chiara Andreoni, Michela Maggiorini, Noa Molato, Bar Shem Tov, Juli Spiegelman, Linda Vinattieri, Martina Zanardi
Lightdesign: Emiliano Minoccheri
Compagnia di Danza DNA
Address: c/o ALMADANZA, via del Carrozzaio, 15
40138 BOLOGNA (BO)
Web Site: