Instabili Vaganti at International Platform of Performer Training in Gothenburg


Conference - workshop about the “Rags of memory” project
In its 12 years of research in more than 20 countries, Rags of memory has involved performers coming from different parts of the world through its international work sessions and workshops, creating an intercultural and itinerant space for a deep reflection on the role of the performer in this globalized world and on a new dramaturgy of the body as an organic and fluid element of expression, able to convey meanings, social and political messages within this liquid society.
In this lecture and demonstration, the two project creators and work leaders will introduce the spectators and the participants to an immersive experience in 'Rags of memory' research, sharing its results, techniques and training elements, short documentary films and fragments of the book recently published.
Anna Dora Dorno and Nicola Pianzola will furthermore lead a short practical workshop on the specific training of the project.
from 18/01/2019 to 18/01/2019 hour 13.30
The 6th IPPT - International Platform of Performer Training focuses on the relationship between dramaturgy, society, and the body, as it impacts and is influenced by performer training.
Our aim is to highlight connections between the physical actions of the performer and the overall dramaturgical structures of performance, as well as how these relate to contemporary societal issues.
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