IN / SU / LA


IN / SU / LA comes from an idea of Yvonne Andreini and Alessio Castagna.
For its first edition, in summer 2018, IN / SU / LA decided to be a completely ephemeral festival.
No social media.
No photo.
Only the presence of seven artists and an art critic who have lived and explored the island, its territory, its limits for ten days. At the end of the stay, the interventions of the artists introduced the territory to the visitors, thus leaving a trace of their personal experience on the island.
Only the experience and the presence remain tangible, being ephemeral manifestations, thought for and with the place.

IN / SU / LA tells about this experience, translating the memory and the single speech of each participant in a series of 70 contributions, mainly on paper and in the same format.
The originals are exhibited in the Galerie Parterre Berlin, and have been collected in a publication the artists will present on the occasion of the exhibition.

Works by: Yvonne Andreini, Pietro Babina, Flavio de Marco, Ilaria Biotti, Gianpaolo Cacciottolo, Alessio Castagna, Caroline Corleone, Ulrike von Gültlingen, Alexandra Wolframm.

IN / SU / LA is an event in progress, which seeks its form and sense through experiments, attempts, discussions, errors.
It arises from the urge to dialogue on the needs of the art, its communication and the role it plays and should play today.

from 30/01/2019 to 24/02/2019
Pietro Babina / Mesmer artistic association
Address: Via Oreste Regnoli 8
40138 BOLOGNA (BO)
Telephone: +39 3290898742
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