Glimpses of Cities - study of the production project The Global City


Creative residence of Instabili Vaganti in Malmö
A man, a marginalized metropolitan seller, enters the global city, trying to sell "memories", to stimulate the public to enter a parallel dimension, to reflect on what they have lost in the chaos generated by the frenetic pace of cities. The scene is nothing but a white box, empty and visually reconstructed from time to time, through the evocation of a memory expressed in the form of a story and video that appears mapped in different formats and sizes, evoking the porthole of a ship, the jagged vision of a broken glass, the screen of a cinema, a television set and other digital and analog devices.
The megalopolis offers itself as a complex mechanism of sounds and images that manifests itself in the form of a double projection invading walls and pavement of the scenic space, to decorate the faces and bodies of its inhabitants like a virtual tattoo. Faces that are also screens of smart-phones, tablets, which with their presence highlight the character of the new digital identity. Everything looks distorted, like in a dystopian film. From the confused magma of memory, the "memory", the "particular", the essence of a culture that resurfaces and reveals an ancient tradition suddenly emerge.
The individual emerges from the indistinct and standardized mass defending his identity in the multitude, affirming his own specificity of "living being", revealing his own face, his own history, his own culture of origin. In a sophisticated and contradictory mechanism that Ryszard Kapuscinski defines “the system of mirrors "where" ... our culture is reflected in the others and only then does it begin to become understandable. The other cultures are mirrors in which we reflect and in which we really manage to see ourselves as we are. " What emerges is a lively narrative articulated through the use of slogans that the memory has recorded in the various metropolises of the planet and that are reported in three linguistic codes: Italian, English and Spanish. From the individual history of the performer the gaze turns towards events of the global macro-history, touching on highly topical thematic issues, such as the "Cold War" between the two Koreas and the inherent dramatic contradiction of artificial borders, of the walls that still separate our Contemporary "worlds".
from 13/04/2019 to 13/04/2019 hour 20.00
Directed by: Anna Dora Dorno
Original dramaturgy: Nicola Pianzola
Production: National Theater of Genoa, Instituto Nacional Artes Escénicas / Festival FIDAE 2019 - Uruguay
Supported in residence by: Inter Arts Center - Sweden, City of Theater - Italy, Au Brana Cultural Center - France, Re.Te.Ospitale - Italy
With the support of: Regione Emilia Romagna, Italian Culture Institute in Stockholm
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