I am without


within DO D!STURB Festival

The immense landscapes of the mind like the deepest waters of the Oceans are unlit, immeasurable and unknown.
The fluidity of the imagination permeates endlessly through the majestic columns of the intellect, composing the voices we hear inside the brain. In a total subjective solitude logic does not exist and time is an alien concept.
The teenager on stage continuously transfigures herself in a vortex of images and feelings, each born from another, like an infinite fractal. An attack from the inside, from the depths of her own abyss, towards the surface.

I am without together with the performance I am within is part of a diptych resulting from the same research. Each is a voyage from the external world into the deep interiors of the mind. They are set in two different periods of life: childhood and adolescence.

from 13/04/2019 to 14/04/2019

I am without
by Dewey Dell

with: Nida Jaruševiciute
choreography: Teodora Castellucci
original music: Demetrio Castellucci
lights: Eugenio Resta
costume: Guoda Jaruševiciute
curator: Agata Castellucci
production: Societas 2018
duration: 30’
April 13 at 05:50 pm
April 14 at 03:15 pm
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