Teatro Nucleo at the Sommerwerft International Festival in Frankfurt


Domino is the new open spaces theatre project

In the dystopian present of Domino, theatrical metaphor of the present, there are no good and bad, the characters move like pawns in a cruel game, cold gears and functions of a perverse system that seems to leave no way out.

The heart of the game is a mysterious selection mechanism to which the four protagonists are subjected, supervised and conducted through the various stages of the process by three guards with a perennial and disturbing smile. Drawing inspiration from novels such as Orwell's 1984, Huxley's The New World, Margaret Atwood's Handsmaid's Tale, Domino brings attention - through a multidisciplinary language ranging from dance, projection, theater and music - on the progressive reduction of primary goods, on the concrete, slow and gradual loss of freedom of thought, on the rise of new walls and also social frontiers, on poetry as an instrument of salvation, on the need to believe in something or someone. On the revolt as a necessary act. 

Domino is a classic show, in the sense of ancient. A ritual of encounter / confrontation with issues that too often our society refuses to investigate and face.

from 25/07/2019 to 25/07/2019 hour 21.40
Directed by Natasha Czertok
with Marco Luciano, Greta Marzano, Martina Pagliucoli, Veronica Ragusa, Riccardo Sergio, Francesca Tisano
music by The Busy Bee, Balanescu Quartet, Alessio Bettoli, Alfonso Santimone
production design Teatro Nucleo, RedoLab artigiani del riutilizzo, Luca Bernasconi, Giovanni Iaria
stage costumes Chiara Zini
video Riccardo Sergio
technicians Alessio Bettoli, Giovanni Iaria

A Teatro Nucleo's production with the support of Emilia-Romagna Region and Italian Ministry for Culture MiBAC
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