“The Wave Treatment” by Claudia Castellucci


A dance seminary to the sound of bells

The seminar is built according to a rhythmic principle that considers the different moments of the day. The rhythm is in fact the basis of this dance and opens to listening to the negative and missing part: the silence and the memory of the sound that is prolonged in time and that meets new strokes during its dispersion. We treat the sound of bells and the presence of dancers caught between shots and breaks.
A dance based on the sound of bells and implemented with a stick.
The sound of the bells is prolonged in a duration that adds up many chimes and arranges to be refracted and expanded by the currents. The spectral consistency of the sound founds a capacity for listening that brings together presence and memory (a presence that does not pass). The sequence of beats that continue to float in the air generates random coincidences and rhythms, different and co-present. Dancers treat this as a teaching.

On September 6th, the last day of the workshop, a public presentation of the work will be done.

from 03/09/2019 to 06/09/2019 hour 10.00

The Wave Treatment
A dance seminary to the sound of bells

Direction and Choreography by Claudia Castellucci
Dance teaching: Alessandro Bedosti

photo by Nicolò Gialain

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