"à elle vide", "Deriva Traversa" & "Storm Atlas"


à elle vide
This performance is mainly focused on the creation of a void between two characters. Two animals. Two figures. Two drawings.
The first. Red. The Rooster. The second. White. The Scorpion. Two natures that are reflected in their expression, in their behavior, in their movement.
It seems there is a vague, remote reference to “cartoons”, to “animation”. From time to time it is possible to listen to broken voices, moved by an agony. Might these voices be fragments of cartoons that are deposited in our memory? Black eyelashes, excessively long, surround the dark eyes of the two beings, the Rooster and the Scorpion. Melancholic looks come out of the faces and a strange and powerful pride wraps them. Everything outcrops, a little bit and time after time. The Rooster’s movement is haughty; it surveys and observes the area as if it were the keeper of a mystery. The Scorpion’s movement is the precise, certain and mental stillness of the one who is in a standstill before attacking. There is an intangible, indescribable and arcane elegance. The red of the Rooster, its colour becomes its movement. The white of the Scorpion, its suspension becomes its voice. The black of the playing area becomes the time of a void relation. Perhaps I stand before an idea of cartoon. Just that.

Deriva Traversa
The solitude of the shepherds is a constituent aspect of their work. Solitude allows a profound immersion into the self, a delicate movement away from the visible. Sounds become absorbed into the silence, thoughts swell freely inside the mind. The animals being guarded are the only possibility to abstract yourself, to address your attention to. When shepherds sing, they use the wind, the bleating of the sheep or the bellow of the cow to tune themselves. The Sardinian Cantu a Tenores – believed to be created by shepherds during the Nuragic age – has been imitating these very elements. Through singing poetry, the shepherds pass down history orally, generation after generation. The resurgence of time though, does not forget the actual reality, it just moves away from the visible world again. The story that the shepherds sing could be interpreted as an attempt to decipher the invisible, possible only through a descent into the self, a geography of the supernatural.


A live concert that aims to transliterate the meteorological transfiguration of the sky into a language composed of sound, movement and lights.
In this process we investigate different kind of storms in order to create audiovisual frameworks that embody their spirit.

Music Collaboration – TeTe Noise & Black Fanfare

from 12/09/2019 to 12/09/2019 hour 20.00

à elle vide
by Dewey Dell
with Teodora Castellucci, Agata Castellucci
choreography, scene and costumes Teodora Castellucci
original music Demetrio Castellucci
lights Eugenio Resta
plastic arts Chiara Bocchini
realization of costumes Gabriella Battistini, Carmen Castellucci
production Dewey Dell / Fies Factory
special mention GD’A 06/07
project participant Aerowaves 2008/The Place, London

Deriva Traversa
choreography, with: Teodora Castellucci
original music: Demetrio Castellucci
assistant to choreography: Agata Castellucci
dramaturgy: Vito Matera
costume: Guoda Jaruseviciute
production: Societas 2017
with the support of: progetto MUSE/ compagnia B
in collaboration with: Festival Danza Urbana, Festival Città delle Cento Scale

Storm Atlas
concept, music, with: Dewey Dell – Agata, Demetrio, Teodora Castellucci, Eugenio Resta
production: Societas

Project is supported by Check In Georgia, Tbilisi City Hall, Hotel Rooms Tbilisi, Embassy of Italy in Tbilisi, Club KHIDI
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