"A sky for the bears"


Bears’ Heaven is based on two stories.
The first
is about a bear who, after tucking into a good square meal following a long period of hibernation, decides he’d really like to become a Dad.  So, with all the courage he can muster, he starts shouting in the direction of the forest: “Can anyone out there tell me how I can have a cub?”  After a long search, it seems the answer lies in the sky...
The second
story is about a little bear who is very sad, following the death of his grandfather.  When his Mum tells him his Grandad was very tired and is now very happy in the sky for the bears, he says:  “I want to go, too”.  And off he sets into the wide world... For both protagonists, the infinity of the sky seems to be the only place that holds the answers to their questions.  They then discover that it’s on earth, close by, where they’ll find the solution.
In fact, the bear finds it through a lovely she-bear who appears before him and guesses straight away what he’s got in mind.  Sharing ideas is always better than keeping them to yourself and so, as spring comes round, they find a solution. Little bear, however, finds his answer in the comforting certainties found in family affections.  His parents stand by him until he overcomes his pain and is convinced that life is definitely his heaven on earth.

Bears’ Heaven tackles delicate and profound themes lightly and tactfully in the simplest of ways. Telling the stories through animals softens the emotional impact which, nonetheless, is strong because it simply reminds us most  disarmingly of the difficulties we all face, children above all, when we try to find answers to the great unknowns of life.  These difficulties are  born from the complexity and variety of human relationships and from the apparent indifference the world holds towards our suffering, be they small or large.  The only way is to experience things, not to rationalise, and the only answer, even though it might not be “the answer” will always be found close by us, if not within us.


from 17/09/2019 to 17/09/2019 hour 18.00
Technical Card (pdf, 80 kb)

A Sky for the Bears
director and set designer Fabrizio Montecchi
shadow puppets Federica Ferrari and Nicoletta Garioni (based on illustrations by Wolf Erlbruch)
choreography Valerio Longo music Alessandro Nidi
costumes Tania Fedeli
lights Anna Adorno
set materials realization Sergio Bernasani

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