History of a friendship


from the novel "My brilliant friend" by Elena Ferrante

The show, divided into three chapters, (The Two Dolls, The New Name, The Lost Child), tells about two women’s friendship, following their individual growth, the way they influence each other, their sentiments, the conditions of distance and closeness nourishing their relation over the years. On the background, the community of a city/world torn by contradictions of the past, of the present, of a future whose fierce borders are not yet clearly defined.
Based on the 4-part novel The Neapolitan Novels by Elena Ferrante (also known as My Brilliant Friend, the first novel of the series).


from 02/10/2019 to 03/10/2019 hour 21.00
History of a Friendship
project by Chiara Lagani and Luigi De Angelis
with Chiara Lagani and Fiorenza Menni
dramaturgy Chiara Lagani
direction, light and space design, sound project Luigi De Angelis
sound design Tempo Reale/Damiano Meacci
video Sara Fgaier
organization and promotion Ilenia Carrone
a coproduction by Fondazione Campania dei Festival - Napoli Teatro Festival Italia, Ravenna Festival, E-production

October 2nd, at 09:00pm - Part 1: The Two Dolls
October 3rd, at 09:00pm – Part 2: The New Name and Part 3: The Lost Child

within SCENA - Semana da Cena Italiana Contemporânea, curated by the Italian Cultural Institute in Sao Paulo
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