Dentro le cose verso MIDOLLO


A wandering theatre performance among the vertebrae of Fosta Cazarma
In Timisoara, Laminarie accomplishes the first version of MIDOLLO inside the environs of the former military barracks of Piata Marasti. This is after a workshop that will also include a presentation of DENTRO LE COSE, the piece by Febo Del Zozzo wherein three exemplary figures of the twentieth century are compared: Jackson Pollock, a proponent of action painting; the Russian writer Varlam Salamov, author of Tales of Kolyma; Constantin Brancusi, one of the greatest sculptors of the last century. He also wrote about this own epic journey, when he walked all the way through Europe from Bucharest to Paris with the aim of reaching the centre of European artistic life.
Departing from the previous productions, DENTRO LE COSE progresses through extraordinary acts, putting into dialogue a precise and intricate synthesis of actions and sounds prompted by the relationship with objects.
Proiezione Verticale - approaching Constantin Brancusi (2012), Jackson Pollock - the non-agent action (2007), Esagera - dedicated to Varlam Šalamov (2000) – a dialogue between scenographic structures, performative acts, sounds and texts that take on a new life;inside of thing.
The show MIDOLLO, on the other hand, came to life for the first time in 2016 at Virgolone, an imposing building built in 1976.
A symbol of Pilastro, the outlying district of Bologna, with 552 apartments on seven floors rising up from a promenade of almost a kilometre in length.
The following year it was completely restaged within the setting of Corviale, a small village within the city of Rome with 1,200 apartments and 8,500 residents. This followed an artistic residence during which the theatre company temporarily resided in the building.
Production of this project enabled Laminarie to foster a practice of immersion in these spaces. A dramaturgical idea that in essence feeds on the contributions of the residents (and the place itself) marked by vivid words – unusual, dazzling words to be heard between the vertebrae of the buildings.
With this initial work, Laminarie intends to start an exploration into the plausibility of producing the piece in a definite form for Timisoara – the European Capital of Culture 2021. This would underline its vocation to explore the languages of contemporary theatre via the context of social and residential relationships in such a way as to attain unpredictable results each time.
from 18/10/2019 to 18/10/2019 hour 19.30
For years Laminarie has undertaken a path of theatrical exploration that divides itself across site-specific projects which travel through suburban spaces and involves local residents. Not so much with the intention of performing a script, but to propose a theatrical act interacting with the environment. One that evolves over time in various ways according to the social context, architectural structures and - above all – the participants who are involved. This project, conceived by Febo Del Zozzo and Bruna Gambarelli, is produced by Laminarie, theatre company founded in 1994. Since 2009, Laminarie has been established at the DOM, la cupola del Pilastro.
A Laminarie Production
Realised with the support of: Emilia-Romagna Region Culture Dept, Municipality of Bologna
In collaboration with: Honorary Consulate of Italy in Timisoara, Italian Cultural Institute of Bucharest
Address: Corte de' Galluzzi, 11
40124 BOLOGNA (BO)
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