ErosAntEros at Théâtre National du Luxembourg with the new project BORDERS


The second stage of BORDERS

BORDERS is the new artistic project on which ErosAntEros has been working since November 2018 through several stages of residency in Europe and which will debut as a show in the summer of 2020.

What is a border, a frontier? What does it represent?
How does the individual come into contact with the geographical and political limits with which our societies are organized?
Is it still possible today to imagine a world without borders, without limits, without walls, without supervised passages? Will it be possible to imagine it tomorrow?
What role do these limits have in the multi-ethnic cities in which we live, in this Europe crossed by continuous migratory flows?

These are some of the questions that artists place themselves in crossing this new project, along with artistic collaborators, citizens, scholars and spectators met during the creative process.

The goal of BORDERS, in fact, is not only the production of a show, but also the creation of relationships, of meetings between territories and stories, which in different times and ways have confronted and clashed with the concept of border.

During the residency at the Théâtre National du Luxembourg, Davide Sacco and Agata Tomsic will collaborate with the dramaturg Ruth Heynen, the playwright Ian De Toffoli and the actor Marco Lorenzini.

Current partners of the project are: Théâtre National du Luxembourg, Teatro della Toscana in collaboration with the center of music research and production Tempo Reale, OTSE - Officine Theatrikès Salento Ellàda.

from 12/01/2019 to 28/01/2019
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