In a place that could be a shop window, two characters set up the spaces.
They establish a relation through non-verbal language, and through this relation, made of glances and movements, they tell stories.
While dressing some mannequins, different situations happen, in which the two actors play and interact.
The gaze of the audience can recognize, interpret freely and give them a personal meaning.
A show to let children approach the idea of family, by suggesting reflections and raising questions, without giving easy answers.
An opportunity to investigate your point of view and open your mind to other possible realities.
What is a family? Who is a family? Is a family having children? A family is having a mom and a dad? Do grandparents belong to the family? Does a family have to live in the same place? Can members of a family be part of other families?

from 07/08/2022 to 07/08/2022 hour 11.00


by: Andrea Buzzetti
directed by: Andrea Buzzetti with the collaboration of Carlotta Zini and Enrico Montalbani
with: Andrea Buzzetti, Lorenzo Monti
movements by Andra Burcâ

at 11:00 am and at 02:00 pm
Nagakute Cultural Center
in collaboration with 'Joint Festival Conference' co-ordinated by Gekidan Urinko theater company
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