MATTEO RAMON AREVALOS piano, electronics

Matteo Ramon Arevalos, Europa Suite

The new musical creation EUROPA SUITE by composer Matteo Ramon Arevalos groups together in a musical guise new compositions inspired by dances characteristic of Polish, Ukrainian and other neighbouring countries' folk traditions – countries that, also by culture, are linked to the current dramatic situation gripping all of Europe. As the title Suite - a Baroque musical composition grouping various forms of dances – refers to, a number of dances follow one another in the composition, also linked by the common thread of the 4 elements, a common reference to all cosmogonies. Both East and West conceived of a close connection between the human microcosm and the natural macrocosm. The life of the human species and the survival of the cosmos depended on the balance of the elements: the ordered universe, which arose from chaos, was governed by deified personifications of the four elements. The musical composition, preceded by a prologue, is divided into four tempos (related to the four elements) featuring four compositions also of concrete and electronic music that act as the glue at certain moments of the composition. The entire contemporary composition is imbued with musical references aimed at a message of peace and support for the peoples to whom all war situations have always brought a harsh attack.

The Europa Suite project is a production born in Emilia-Romagna: all the musicians involved live in the region and are engaged in many cultural and educational activities and projects that take place here. And a further and suggestive "local ingredient" can be found in the composition, in the musique concrète sounds of the 4 elements, which Arevalos recorded in some particular places in Romagna: as for the AIR, in the Valle del Vento in Meldola (FC), for the WATER at the Foce Bevano in Lido di Classe (RA), the EARTH with the ceramic crushing sounds from the Carlo Zauli Museum in Faenza (RA), for the FIRE in the industrial area of Ravenna.

from 11/03/2023 to 11/03/2023 hour 18.00
The concert EUROPA SUITE is presented in Poland (Krakow, Warsaw, and Poznań) and Latvia (Riga) in co-operation with and thanks to the support of the Italian Cultural Institutes in Warsaw and Krakow and the Embassy of Italy in Riga. The amount of money collected will be donated to support Ukrainian refugees and exiles in Poland and to send humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Besides the concerts, numerous didactic activities are planned. The musicians and the composer - all with a long and qualified international experience also in the teaching field, will meet the Warsaw and Riga high school students to offer a cross-section of the musique concrete that is used as the initial driving force of the composition. Moreover, the instrumental techniques for the correct execution of contemporary music will be deepened with the students of the Academies and Conservatories of Riga, Warsaw, and Poznań.
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