"È così che tutto comincia"


Being born is not complicated, and dying is also very easy. Living, therefore, is not necessarily impossible. All one has to do is follow the rules and apply the principles, with the knowledge that in all circumstances there is a solution, a way of reacting and behaving. Life is but a long sequence of problems to which everyone must have an answer.
These are the reflections of the protagonist, Madame, who, as she brilliantly runs through a list of social etiquette, tears the hypocrisies of domestic partnership to shreds and reveals the senselessness of ceremonials that draw us into their repetitive cycle.

Based on Jean-Luc Lagarce's The Rules of Knowing how to Live in Modern Society – a cynical and hilarious self-help manual on how to behave written by the French author in 1993 –, the show combines theatre with live actors and shadow theatre and features the intense Mariangela Granelli, winner of the ANCT 2020 Critics Award for Best Actress, directed and assisted on stage by Fabrizio Montecchi.
In their notes to the project, Mariangela Granelli and Fabrizio Montecchi state: "we immediately saw the stage as a classroom, the audience as students attending an evening course on the Rules of Knowing How to Live in Modern Society, Madame as a strict and unbending teacher assisted by a caretaker - a handyman/stage servant. You are not in a theatre but in a classroom: you are not there to watch but to study and, possibly, learn codes, conventions, labels, rituals”.

from 11/11/2023 to 11/11/2023 hour 20.30

a project by Mariangela Granelli and Fabrizio Montecchi
from Les règles de savoir-vivre dans la société moderne [The Rules of Knowing how to Live in Modern Society] by Jean-Luc Lagarce
director and set designer Fabrizio Montecchi
with Mariangela Granelli, Fabrizio Montecchi
figures and shapes Nicoletta Garioni
music Marcel Dupré, César Franck, Franz Liszt, Max Roger
lights Anna Adorno
sets Giovanni Mutti
production Teatro Gioco Vita, LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura

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